Your Network…In Trusted, Knowledgeable Hands

Our management team is comprised of New York’s top thought leaders in the fields of managed data, VoIP, IT and event solutions.

Mike Cerullo

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been in the Telecommunications industry since his release from the United States Air Force in 2004. Since then he has held various senior management positions in different areas of the field including Sales, Operations, Customer Service, and Regulatory, working for some of the largest publicly traded companies such as Earthlink and Windstream… READ MORE

Dmitry Tsiryulnik

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry has been in the Telecom industry since the mid-nineties. His experience in building startup ISPs and the work he’s done with more established ISPs over the past two decades has been invaluable in establishing Challenger as a serious player in the industry from its inception. His extensive experience in providing network-builds and Internet services… READ MORE

Bob Wolff

VP of Event Services

Bob Wolff has decades of experience in the technology industry, beginning in the earliest days of personal computing with his retail Wolff Computer stores in Manhattan. Bob then went on to pioneer the technology services sector for Event Venues in New York and around the country for several large and regional ISPs… READ MORE


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