Because Internet Is Essential

The best event experiences are the ones where attendees are fully engaged, from start to finish. This includes social posts, app interactions, on-site networking and meeting management, and even allowing guests to steal a few minutes for necessary business. In short, there’s a zero tolerance for event ‘dead zones’ today. Every corner of your event venue that is accommodating your guests should be lit with dependable WiFi and wireless networks.

Over and Above Support

At Challenger, we take your event needs to heart. We stake our reputation on ensuring your event network can support thousands of guests in 48 hours or less. This includes a medley of event services, from WiFi access points and wire drops, to video streaming and hard lines. We can even add and separate networks for presenters, keynotes, press and/or breakout rooms. And we don’t stop support after installation; we are with you throughout the event, monitoring the network flow to ensure enough capacity to keep your guests connected real-time and all the time.

Raise More Awareness with Live Streaming

If the goal is to extend your event reach globally, we have the capacity to do so. Challenger offers event live streaming, without the need for yesterday’s mobile trucks and satellite dishes. Just hand off your programming to us, and we will get it out to a select or global audience. Let Challenger show you how.

Ready for reliable event connectivity, from start to finish? Give us a call and we can provide a quick quote customized to your event specs. +1.646.723.9998.



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